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Jackie Ohh oily fetish

As you pull into the driveway after a long and grueling day at work, all you can think about is collapsing onto the couch and finally unwinding. But as soon as you step through the front door, your plans for relaxation are quickly derailed. You hear a faint noise coming from the kitchen, and curiosity pulls you towards it. As you enter the room, your eyes fall upon me, Jackie Ohh oiling up for a slick sex session! Me, your stunningly sexy girlfriend, clad in nothing at all with a big bottle of oil on the kitchen counter beside me. Your tiredness instantly fades away as you take in the sight of me, my body glistening with oil and my brunette hair cascading down my back in waves.

POV oily fetish fun with Jackie Ohh in the kitchen

A mischievous smirk plays on my lips as I see the look of surprise and desire on your face. “Welcome home,” I purr, walking over to wrap my arms around your neck and press my body against your rapidly hardening bulge. You can feel the heat radiating off my body as I press myself against you, causing your cock to stir even more with excitement.

But before things can escalate any further, I pull away with a sly grin. “I’ve been waiting for you all day,” I say, taking your hand and leading you over to a chair at the kitchen table. Confused yet intrigued, you sit down and watch as I grab the bottle of oil from the counter. I know all about your oil fetish and I want to quench that oily thirst that you have!

“I know how hard you’ve been working,” I continue, pouring some oil into my hands and rubbing them together. “So I thought I’d help relieve some of that stress.” With a seductive wink, I begin to massage the oil onto my skin, starting at my shoulders and working my way down.

You can’t tear your eyes away from me as my oily hands glide over every inch of my body, leaving behind a trail of glistening skin. Every now and then, I catch glimpses of desire in your eyes as you watch me rub the oil over my tits, down my taut stomach, and finally onto my round, firm ass.

I can feel the sexual tension building between us as I continue to tease you with my body, slowly inching closer and closer to your chair. Finally, I stand behind you, placing my hands on your shoulders and leaning down to whisper into your ear. “I know what you want,” I purr, running my hands down your chest and towards your already hard cock.

But just as you think things are about to get heated, I pull away once again. “Not yet,” I say with a coy smile. “First, let’s get you nice and relaxed.” With that, I start to gently massage your shoulders and neck, working out all the kinks and knots from a long day at work.

As you begin to relax under my touch, I can’t resist teasing you a bit more. “You like watching me oil myself up, don’t you?” I ask, knowing the answer already. You try to catch your breath as you nod, unable to form words in the face of such intense desire.

“Well then,” I say with a smirk, “why don’t you take off that shirt and join me?”

When Jackie Ohh oils herself up in the kitchen, who could say no? Join her now on Oiled Tease!