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Megan Maiden ass fetish

After a long, exhausting day at work, all you want is to come home and relax with me, Megan Maiden, your hot girlfriend and pornstar extraordinaire! You always say I’m the perfect combination of beauty, brains, and ass – the kind of woman that makes your heart race and your knees weak. You can’t wait to spend some quality time with me and unwind from the stresses of the day!

But as you push open the door to our apartment, the first thing you notice is a faint sound coming from the bathroom. Curiosity piqued, you make your way towards the source of the noise, wondering what I could possibly be up to. You hesitate outside the door for a moment before gently pushing it open, revealing me standing in front of the mirror in nothing but my bright neon bra and panties.

Your jaw drops as you take in the sight before you. I turn to face you with a mischievous smile on my lips, my hand running down my curves seductively. “Surprise,” I purr, stepping closer to you.

You’re at a loss for words as I break it to you that I’ve got other plans for the night. I’m getting ready to go out with my girlfriends tonight and won’t be back until late. But instead of feeling upset about being left alone, all you can think about is how lucky you are to have such a stunning girlfriend who wants you to stay at home while I go out! And the wait will be magnificently excruciating…

But first, there will be a treat. “I want you to start kissing my ass while I get ready,” I say boldly, my eyes locked on yours.

Without hesitation, you kneel behind me and press your lips to my soft, round butt cheeks. I moan in pleasure as you trail kisses along my skin, nipping and sucking occasionally to elicit even more delightful sounds from me.

As I start applying makeup, you continue to worship my ass, running your hands over every inch of it and feeling a sense of admiration and possessiveness wash over you. I’m your girlfriend, and no one else gets to see or touch me like this.

My moans grow louder as you spank me lightly, the sound echoing in the small bathroom. “Do it harder,” I command, and you happily oblige before gently caressing the reddened skin. I turn around then, facing you with a wicked glint in my eye. “Play with it,” I say, referring to my delicious booty.

You squeeze and knead my firm flesh, delighting in how responsive I am to your touch. You spit on my tight little asshole, kiss and lick it, and dream and wish so hard that I would just stay home with you tonight…

But no, I’ve got to go! I dismiss you so I can finish getting ready, and you walk dejectedly to the couch where you will wait for me for the rest of the night…

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